The legs of children walking over a sidewalk covered in leaves. Children in Halloween costumes (ghost, angel, clown, etc.). A jack-o-lantern in a window, with the reflection of children walking past. Children's legs crunching through leaves. A finger pushes a doorbell. The children stand at the door and yell "trick-or-treat." A smiling man opens the door and offers a basket of candy. The children make selections between Milk Duds and lollipops. The children walk through more leaves and ring another doorbell. The children's smiling faces as they wait for the door to be answered. A child holds out a jack-o-lantern basket. A woman answers the door and offers her candy, including Baby Ruths. The kids ring another bell but a person in a scary mask answers, so they scream and run away. One drops their bag of candy. The person takes off the mask to reveal an elderly woman. She shakes her head. A jack-o-lantern's expression changes into a smile. A tree that is bare of leaves in front of a row of houses. Three generations of women take a turkey out of the oven.