Medium shot of an older woman holding a plate smiling at the camera with people’s shoulders and backs in foreground. Medium shot of people dancing in a small area in what looks like a home. Man dancing in red vest. Couple gets close to the camera making goofy faces. Medium shot of a woman in a kimono with white geisha mask. People are dancing all around her. Medium close up of a guy in white shaking a drink in a cocktail shaker. Medium, shaky shots of people dancing with different masks and costumes. The room is kind of dark. Man in white is carrying a woman like a baby as they dance. Close up on the geisha mask woman with two cigarettes in her mouth. Medium long shot of a woman in a robe looking at fabric on an older woman’s bare leg. Close up of the man with red vest drinking out of a glass with shelves behind him; he is balding. He puts the glass on a shelf and covers his face with his hands like “PEEK A BOO” and smiles. Medium long shot of him sitting down with a light shining on him in the dark as he sips his drink. Close up of a large beer bottle, small glass, ash tray, cigarette butts, and matches on a ledge. Back to the man in the red vest rubbing his face as he sits with his knees at his chest. He mocks falling asleep. Back to composition of beer and cigarettes and the shot transitions to the same still life in the morning light. Long shot of a scarecrow with pumpkin as its head passed out in a butterfly chair --- seen through an open door with hill behind figure. Medium close up of the jack-o-lantern head with flannel and jeans stuffed for a body. Text reads “THE END”.