A Halloween party with cocktails and dancing. Begins with text: The Witches’ Sabbath, PAN to a man in a white suit jacket drinking a beer. He places a match into candles inside a jack o’ lantern. Then as he walks away ‘1961’ appears before fading away with the title. The man enters a house party and behind him is a woman in black and a man in a suit. PAN of a sign with an arrow: At the Bar; Beverages, scotch, bourbon, beer; Diversions, martini, manhattan, whiskey sour. A man carrying drinks on a tray stops in front of it. Cuts to an elderly woman drinking, then to an Asian woman dressed in kimono. Shot of a tray with drinks and hands reaching and taking some. A man points a camera at the camera. The woman in the kimono has a plate with food and stands next to a white woman in a kimono; they eat and smile. Cuts back to the man with the camera. A woman dressed as an elderly woman opens the door; man in karate uniform eats behind her. PAN up of 2 women sitting on a chair; one has fishnet stockings, the other is dressed as a Native American. They make faces at the camera. Pan of the elderly woman’s legs, she stands with an elderly man with an apron and hat who has his arm around her and looks at her longingly. They laugh and she talks to the camera. 3 people sit eating. One may be a man dressed as a woman. Cuts back to the elderly couple and the white woman in a kimono. A man with an orange vest talks to the camera. A man seems to be asleep in a chair next to a counter with food (French’s Mustard). The man with the vest pulls out a Judy Garland record and puts it in the player. Various shots of couples dancing. One couple kisses.