Commercial for Chrysler 440 TNT Sedan; begins with a set of keys being tossed from one person to another; male voiceover: “youth comes twice in life: when you’re young, and when you wanna be!”; quick shot of a rollercoaster and a Chrysler sedan pulling into the walkway in front of it; a crowd of young adults gather around the car, and the exterior, interior, and engine block are admired by all; the car is then shown being driven by both young and older adults alike; voiceover: “youth comes again when you’ve earned the right to own the one car you’ve waited for in the swift years in between! Youth does come twice in life: when you are young, and when you want to be! The 1966 Chrysler is fit for both!”; ends with a Chrysler, driven by and older couple, coming home and parking it in their garage; end banner: “Move up to a Chrysler!”

Not Explicit