Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads, "'Shoot' planes from Decks of U.S. Warships / Latest catapult device is demonstrated on Utah and Arkansas in maneuvers / Hampton Roads, VA" Seaplanes are flying in front of two battle ships. Title card reads, "Rear Admiral Lanning directs the demonstration" and the admiral is seen admiring the planes leaving the runway, a short metal rail catapult device, at 80 miles an hour. Title reads, "Gives Human Derelicts a Happy Thanksgiving / Urbain Ledoux, 'Mr. Zero' feeds hundreds of homeless men for a nickel each / New York City" Men line up in front of Zero's store. Men enjoy turkey and soup. title reads, "John Rist, 83, and Alfred Powell, 65" and they eat. Mr. Zero is seen greeting the men.