Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads, "The Air Claims its Death Toll" Men are picking through the wreckage of the crashed R101 airship in Beauvais, France. There is a nice pan across the still intact steel metal beams of the blimp. The smoldering engine is shown as men sift through the wreckage. Coffins are carried out by horse cart as the crowd looks on. Title reads, "Most spectacular rescue ever filmed" and there is a crowd gathered in front of a burning pillow factory. A man is seen on the 8th story window and jumps out of the burning building into a net, the shot is cut to an ambulance before he hits the net. Firefighters climb up the fire escape and bring up a fire hose. Title reads, "Leader of Millions jailed by authorities" Thousands of people have gathered to hear a farewell message by Gandhi before he enters prison. There are crowd shots and Gandhi is seated in a wide pulpit behind a microphone in a large tent. Another shot of the crowd shot and a banner can be seen hanging from the roof of the tent that reads, "We live in deeds not in years / independence for all and ever."