Universal Newspaper Newsreel, "First All-Metal Airship in Test Flight / ZMC-2, dirigible built for Navy rises 1,000 feet with four passengers / Detroit, M.I." There is a long shot of the blimp coming out of a large hanger, it is held down by the who are hanging onto ropes. Next is a close-up of the blimp that says U.S. Navy and ZMC-2 on the side. Next title card reads, "Facts / Gas capacity --- 200,000 feet, Uses non-inflammable helium, Speed---65 miles an hour, Cruising radius---1,000 miles, 450 horse power- 2 motors." The blimp is carried out onto the airfield and there is a close-up of the cockpit. Title card reads, "It is said to be of much greater durability than fabric of airships." There is a nice long shot of people letting go of the blimp and it rises to the sky. Title card reads, "Oddities in To-day's News / Army adopts new mechanical teacher for future air pilots / San Antonio, Texas" There is a shot of a man in a training plane or early flight simulator, that is suspend from the ceiling of a warehouse. There is a nice close-up of the training plane from the front as the engine is powered on. Title reads, "It has movable wings and propeller and does everything but fly" and the shot is of the plane rotating and moving up and down.