Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads, "Navy Team First to Start Gridiron Training / Middies begin pigskin practice as coach Bill Ingram tells them 'how' / Annapolis, M.D. There is a long shot of coach Bill Ingram addresses a group of football players with their pads on. They wear no helmets. Title card reads, "Here they come" and there is a shot of the football players running toward the camera. Next shot is a nice camera pan of the boys working out on the field, they do jumping jacks, toss the football back and forth, and there is a nice close-up of several players running into punching bags. A new title card reads, "Britain's Occupation Troops Leave the Rhine / Johnny Bulls' evacuate towns and country as main body of soldiers depart for England / In the Rhineland" There is a shot of troops with their rifles resting on their shoulders marching through a city street. They continue marching through the streets as the crowd looks on. Title card reads, "Off for 'dear old Lunnon'" and there is a shot of soldiers waving from a train. Next title card reads, "At Dover, England - Home again!" and there is a shot of a steam boat loaded with troops, waving. There are various close-ups of them waving and getting off the boat with their packs in tow. Title card reads, "They'll spend Christmas by the fireside" and there is a close-up of soldiers who are waiting on the street with their packs at their feet. Last card reads, "Real tea at last" and the soldiers are holding tea cups and cheering to the camera.

Not Explicit