Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads, "Zero Weather fails to daunt daredevil's roof-top thrillers / Louisville, KY." The camera pans from the bottom of a building to the roof upon which a man has set up four chairs, each on top of the other and he stands on the legs of the chair. The man does a head stand and the splits on the chairs. Title reads, "Invents life-saving bumper! Accident-proof device expected to lessen fatalities by 75 per cent / London, England" A man shows off a model car and is pointing to the grill which has rollers attaches. He runs over a doll with the model and it rolls the doll forward inside of running it over. Next a real car with the rollers attached to the front runnings over a dummy and it rolls forward. Next a man dives in front of a giant truck with the rollers attached and he rolls forward as the car comes to a stop.In the next shot he is seen having a cigarette with the inventor. Title card reads, "Stock Market Crash!" There is a shot of the Wall St. Sign and inside of Wall St. as people toss papers up into the air, it is black tuesday and the stock market has crashed. Nice overhead shot of lots of men gathered in a circle formation in front of a table, arguing. Newspaper headline reads, "Stocks crash 10 billion." Lots of closeups of angry men trying to sell stocks. There are shots of pennies falling and people with unemployed sandwich boards.