Shot of singer in band performing in ballroom. Medium close-up of conductor Paul Whiteman with a thin mustache. People entering a speakeasy. Close-up of Texas Guinan performing. Group of dancers performing on stage. Close-up of bartender shaking a drink. More shots of dance performances. Close-up of street sign "Wall St". Wide shot of busy and crowded Wall St. Headline: "Stocks collapse.." Shot of broker's office with ticket tape machine. Headline: "Stocks crash 10 billions". Wide shot of crowded chaos, shares thrown in air. Various shots of men in the stock exchange. Variety headline: "Wall St. lays an egg". Close-up of ticker tape overflowing a garbage can. Medium shots of young people reading in the library. Chemists experimenting with tube set. Wide shot of town neighborhood. Boys play in snow and ice hockey. Shot of steel mill pouring hot ore. Shots of countryside – mountains, hay, cattle. Medium shot of boy and others reading at library.