A montage of the 1929 economic crash in New York City. First a shot of a street sign, reads WALL ST.& NASSAU ST. Stock brokers on the floor, and on headsets. Two stock brokers conferring. Men stamping financial documents. A conveyer belt carrying papers. Men shelving envelopes. Men sorting papers. Various shots of brokers in mobs, pushing, waving arms, gesturing. Stock tracking or trading board. Man in suit looking bewildered. More stock market floor panicked activity. Man in large headset talking and pointing. Brokers pushing and gesturing. Spinning newspaper montage. News papers overlaid on footage of stock market mobs, and people walking in the street. Various shots of factories and smokestacks. People milling in front of an auction house. Shot of a sign that reads Geneva Employment Agencies. People waiting in a bread line. Close-up shot of handwritten adverts for dishwashing jobs. Zoom out on man in hat looking at the adverts. Men on the street talking. Child eating out of a garbage can. Children in front of a fire with a bridge in the background. Close-up on the children’s hands over the fire.

Not Explicit