Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads, "Gen. Edwards Flays Drys at Hub Meeting / 'Father of 26th Division' calls Prohibition futile at Death of Liberty Memorial' / Faneuil Hall, Boston" Opens with the front exterior of Faneuil Hall in Boston. General Edwards (Clarence R. Edwards) is standing behind a pulpit and delivering a speech. Well dressed men stand next to a tall sign thats reads, "In Memoriam of the Death and Liberty and the killing of 1363 Citizens in the Civil War on Prohibition." There is a shot of people milling around outside then the title reads, "In Germany the steins work overtime." There are shots of ladies filling up steins with beer at an outdoor bar. Nice closeup of one being completely filled. A man drinks a stein at the bar. Title reads, "Yokohama, Japan / Empress sends Court Ladies to annual Hairdressers' convention for expert instruction / Exclusive Pictures." The camera is the back of a Japanese classroom, there is a closeup to the teacher who is pointing at anatomy diagrams with a pointer. Next comes shots of ladies dressing and fixing up hair into buns. They work fast with pins and clips. There are several closeups of the woman getting their hair done. The scene ends with a woman dressed in a kimono and with elaborate hair walking in front of the camera.