Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads,"At 42, De Mar wins for seventh time in 'Hub' Marathon / Hopkinton to Boston, Mass." It is the start of the Boston Marathon and marathoners run on a dirt road toward the camera as spectators line the path and root them on. There are several nice tracking shots of the runners, one from behind and another from the side. International competitors wear their flag on their jersey in addition to their number, runners from Canada and Japan are shown. The winner, Clarence De Mar, runs toward the camera and smiles as he breaks through the finish line. Members of the American Legion from Melrose, where De Mar was born, drape a flag over De Mar as Massachusetts Governor Frank Allen presents him with a medal. Title reads, "Navy starts junking warships in accord with London treaty / Philadelphia, PA." The St. Louis, a battleship, is parked near a dry dock underneath a crane. The crane carries a smoke stack onto the dry dock. There is a nice shot from the crane as men work at the top of a smoke stack attaching cables. The smoke stack is then carried by the crane to the dock. Title reads, "Hitler Cohorts lose in election marked by bitter rivalry / Vienna, Austria." Spectators line a street and toss paper in the air as Prince Von Stolberg walks. Soldiers carrying Austrian flags follow and there is a shot of propaganda ads in Austrian. Dr. Schleicher exits a building and a crowd of people pass and raise their hats in salute. The scene ends with more crowd shots and a propaganda truck handing out leaflets.