Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads, "Bombs burst and guns bark at Army 'Show' / Aerial fighters and heavy artillery put on thrilling exhibition." Shot from the stands, in the foreground is the crowd watching the field as artillery guns fire. Next is a closeup of the guns firing. The camera pans to follow a biplane which is trailing white smoke. Title reads, " A 4,000 pound aerial bomb containing a ton of T.N.T." and a close up of a bomb attached to the underside of plane is shown. Shots from the ground of biplanes flying in formation are shown as men on the ground look up with telescopes. Title reads, "Monster railway and barbette cannons roar" and shots of big artillery canons firing follow. Title reads, "Oddities in to-day's news / Here's a parlor auto- German invents machine that folds up like an umbrella." The inventor is seen carrying his contraption, first is the front of the car, he lays it onto the car's body, attaches the steering wheel, and lays some cloth around the side. Title reads, "Not gaudy, but plenty of pep." and he is seen driving off in the car. Title reads, "Rubber Ball Baby / Ramona Carpenter, 15 months old, loops-the-loop into her father's arms / Los Angeles, CAL. There is a shot of a child as she is taking into her father's hands and does an acrobatic lunge forward and then back. Her father is then seen tossing the child high into the sky. The scene ends with the child waddling to the camera.