Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card, "Use Airplane in football practice / Soldiers of 9th Corps Area pep up muscles with novel tug-of-war on Presidio parade grounds / San Francisco, C.A." Soldiers of the United States Army 9th Corps Area practice football on the Presidio grounds. Soldiers lined up on the rear of an airplane and pull a rope attached to the aircraft, a biplane, in a game of tug of war. There is a group of about twenty soldiers who pull the plane back. Title card then reads, "Bucking the line" and there is a shot of the soldiers buck and running into each other. They next are seen lambasting a tackling dummy on ground. Soldiers hike footballs and run. Title card then reads, "Spanish 'Windmill has First U.S. Flight / Juan de la Cierva demonstrates his autogrio that flew across the English channel / Bryn Athyn, PA." Next shot is of a single propellor airplane with a helicopter rotator bland attached to the top. The contraption is seen taking off and there is a nice sot of it flying in the air from the POV of another plane. Last shot is a closeup of Juan getting out of his plane.