Indo-China- French Strike Massive Blow in Fall Offensive; Montage of cannons firing close-up and then a wide shot of ammunition hitting the ground and the ensuing explosions. French and Vietnamese soldiers walk through fields and marshes in Northern Indo-China, some transporting injured soldiers on stretchers. We see a close-up of a French soldier who stepped on a spiked trap, with a bloody circle coming through the bottom of his bandaged foot. Tanks also advance through the fields.

Pennsylvania; In Hershey, a celebration of President Eisenhower's birthday with a large cake with fake candles that the president pretends to light and burn out. The President and First Lady had entered the area in a horse-drawn buggy, and each of the guests holds a candle in the dark once the lights are turned off.

Paraguay; President Juan Perón of Argentina visits Paraguay. As he stands in a car moving down a crowded street waving at the crowd, they wave back Argentine flags, including those on balconies high above.

California; November 1953; A small bantam biplane is led by its builder John Pontius along the runway and then shown taking off.