In San Diego California, David Gordon Hall, a local inventor, has built a fully steel car that he claims is collision proof. The car looks heavy and has thick metal steel lining the sides. The impressively goes over bumps and high speeds and it stays in in piece expect the door flies open. Diane Thompson is teeing off at the U.S. Women's amateur Golf Championship at White Marsh Valley Club in Philadelphia. Virginia Van Wie then drives the ball down the green in a behind the back shot. Van Wie hits the ball out of a sand trap. Spectators cross a bridge on the golf course. Van Wie wins the match and poses with the gold trophy. Thousands of gangland's gun are dumped into he sea by the New York police. There are all kinds of guns, rifles, pistols, and gas guns. In Memphis, Tennessee, Browser Finks, a stunt pilot, does a crash landing in a bi-plane to thrill the crowd. The plane flips and the crowd rushes toward the plane to grab souvenirs.