"April 2nd, 1917. The United States entered the first World War." Various shots of military men training and marching. Patriotic music playing in the background. Camera pans right across a federal agency office as the narrator describes their purpose during the war. The narrator: "These federal bureaus took over almost complete control of transportation, prices, and production." Shots of a train leaving a station, a vegetable stand, women working in a textile factory, and men working in an automobile factory. Men in the military walk in a parade, with the women standing on the sides, waving to the soldiers. A train with the soldiers leaves the station – the men wave to everyone outside. Ships leave the dock and a line of army cars drive through the streets. The soldiers arrive to the battlefield and a montage of warfare is shown, including footage of cannons and soldiers armed in trenches. The narrator states: "To fight, you must be brutal and ruthless". Shots of soldiers carrying other wounded soldiers. A camera tilts up from a crowd of cheering soldiers to the American flag blowing in the wind. A shot of soldiers walking off of a ship, carrying their luggage. A crowded street of men holding signs and the American flag.

Not Explicit