San Francisco’s Fillmore District & Western Addition.A black man clapping, and a group of black men and women playing music. A pan down a still photograph of a dilipidated house. Film of a run-down neighborhood, including a vacant lot with "Leroy" spray-painted on a wooden fence. Panning shot of the poorly maintained neighborhood. A wrecking ball slams into a brick building. A group of black men and women standing on a street corner. A black girl in a white dress skips down the street. A black man and woman dancing in front of a store, the man holding an infant. Driving POV, south down Fillmore Street toward Geary; signs include National Dollar Stores, Debs Dept Stores, and Fillmore Bargain Mart. People rollerskating inside a roller rink. A nighttime cafe seen from both outside and inside. Neon sign at night: "Bop City -- Known the World Over." Cars driving in the rain at night. Young children standing and sitting at a streetcorner. People walking by a movie theater at night. A black teenager poses for the camera at the corner of Fillmore and Geary (street signs visible). Three young children digging in a field. An old woman with a crosses a street. Downward-panning shot from below of a Victorian house. POV shot from a car driving down a street. Shots of Japantown, including Peace Plaza with MayFair Market sign visible in the background, and the Sequoias buidling shot from beloew. Sound footage of James Baldwin touring the Fillmore in a car discussing the development of Japantown, and how it might result in "the Negro being pushed out."

Not Explicit