San Francisco’s Fillmore District & Western Addition.Driving footage through the Fillmore. LS of two black men standing on the corner of run-down residential neighborhood. Children playing on the sidewalk. Shaky helicopter footage of a nighttime riot, possibly the September 1966 Hunters Point riots. Shaky handheld footage of police in riot gear, and a black man being arrested. Police with guns speaking to black men in hats. A black woman in a housecoat looks on. White army soldiers with weapons. A police car drives down the street with crowds looking on. Nighttime footage of soldiers walking in formation, rifles out. Police leading two shirtless black men over a fence. Sound footage of a black man in hat discussing people being hurt in the riot. Silent footage of black men being lead away at gunpoint by police. Clouds rolling by overhead. Large sign in a storefront wind: "Coleman's Records Moved," panning over to store sign: "Club Cafe Open." A door, barred and locked. Broken neon signs: "Chicago Barber Shop," "Skating." An empty lot seen through a chain-link fence. A motorcycle cop riding down the street.

Not Explicit