Extreme long shot of some sort of president elect ceremony or conference. Close up of Barry Goldwater. A quick shot of Nelson A. Rockefeller, but it seems the film was damaged. Then to close ups of Nixon, William Scranton, George Romney, and Margaret Chase Smith. Close up on a sign with photos of seven candidates with the sign reading, “FOCUS ON THE CANDIDATES/SHOWDOWN AT SAN FRANCISCO”. Close up on a photograph of Goldwater as a little boy with the narrator detailing his biography. Camera pans over a photo of Goldwater at military academy in a football uniform then at his graduation ceremony in traditional military formal dress. Photo of him with his bride at wedding, Margaret Johnson. As narrator describes his interest in Native American or “Indian” folklore the camera pans over an image of a rain dancer as the narrator says that Goldwater learned how to rain dance. Photo of him on Phoenix City Council. Photograph of him with large family group as narrator describes his senate win. Medium shot of him announcing his run for Republican Presidential Nomination. Medium long shot of a sign reading “GOLDWATER HEADQUARTERS” above a restaurant/hotel window. Close up of him waving cutting to a long shot of a bus with a banner reading “BROOKLYN BACKS BARRY”. Quick medium shot of him walking down a street with an entourage. Then a close up of a sign reading “ONLY BARRY CAN CARRY CAROLINA”. Medium shot of men wearing skimmer hats (like barbershop quartet hats) as they hold a sign reading “THE GOLDwater RUSH IS ON!”. Close up of Goldwater on stage. Medium shot of people carrying a sign on a stick that is in the shape of an elephant reading “FLORIDA/GOLDWATER ‘64”. Quick medium close up of Goldwater shaking hands with people in the street. Close up of a skimmer hat reading “GOLDWATER IN ‘64”. Quick shot of Goldwater almost putting a similar hat on his head then taking it off. Long shot of supporters holding picket signs, wearing those election skimmer hats, and cheering. Close up of him in darkness with his face illuminated. Medium shot of mostly attractive women holding American flags and signs in the crowd. Medium shot of Goldwater signing an autograph. Close up on a person’s should and lapel with a pin on it reading “GOLDWATER FOR PRESIDENT” with his picture in the center. Medium long shot of him in a plan with only his head showing through the window. Medium shot of exterior of Merrimack Town Hall, town offices, and municipal court. Quick medium long shot of him talking to attractive young women wearing Goldwater gear. Street scene where people are rallying holding a banner which reads “GOLDWATER/SANITY/SOLVENCY/SECURITY”. Various footage of supporters, picketers, crowds, and Goldwater talking to citizens. Medium long shot of cheerleaders in cowgirl/cowboy hats and pom poms on stage. Medium shot of only the signs people are carrying with his face and slogans. Medium close up of him kissing a woman on the cheek. A sign reads “BARRY GOLDWATER/A CHOICE - NOT AN ECHO”. Close up of him shaking hands. Close up on his face with black framed, square glasses, in the sun. Back to him on the podium making a speech.