Long shot of the Capitol building with Margaret Smith walking alongside it. Narrator describes that she is the first woman trying for a presidential nomination of a major party. Cuts to a medium close up of her smiling and waving to the camera. Long shot of her in a ballroom sort of hall standing at a podium. Closes to a medium shot of her announcing her run explaining that the reasons advanced urging for her to run are not nearly as impelling as the reasons advanced against her running. Reverse shot to the audience of which many are women. Back to medium shot of Ms. Smith saying that she shall run. Close up on sign which reads “WELCOME TO NEW HAMPSHIRE”. Close up on paper which reads “GIGANTIC OLD FASHIONED RALLY”. Medium shot of audience members at Republican Convention in San Francisco. Close up on Nelson Rockefeller, governor of New York, at a podium speaking with charisma. Reverse shot to clapping spectators. Slightly aerial long shot of Barry Goldwater speaking at a stand up microphone. Close up on male spectators. Medium shot of banner outside of storefront reading “DRAFT LODGE FOR PRESIDENT”. Close up of paper with Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.’s photograph printed onto it. Close up of George Lodge, son of the ambassador, at Lodge’s headquarters. Medium shot of George speaking with someone. Close up on newspaper whose headline reads “LODGE UPSETS BARRY, ROCKY/Still Fighting, Says Governor”. Medium long shot of polling booths as old man walks by them. Close up and pan on feet of voters showing from underneath the polling booth doors. Aerial shot of man looking at voting booklet. Shot of small, cute child looking out from under voting booth door next to her dad. Close up of hand putting ballot into ballot box. Long shot of huge crowd in celebration in San Francisco for the Republican Convention. Signs, banners, balloons, and hats are everywhere with people cheering.