Film tracing the history of modern experimental science. Footage from the Apollo 11 mission of the rocket in flight, and astronauts on the moon. Male scientists using large nuclear-testing equipment at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Flashing red "Radiation Area - Film Badges Required" sign with nuclear symbol. Male scientist looking into viewfinder. Photographs of the end result of "firing proton bullets at nuclear targets." Exterior of the Lamont Geological Osbervatory. Female scientist using equipment. CU of wood being burned to measure radioactive decay to calculate age. Male scientist looking at gauges. CU of analog gauges. CUs of a monkey with monkey with electrodes attached to its exposed brain, and the male scientist studying it. Palomar Mountain Observatory. The Hale telescope. Blue-tinted photograph of starry space. Male and female astronomers working together in a room with equipment. Slow pan up a radio telescope. Long shot of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama. Dolly shot through a rainforest floor. CUs of a toucan, a parrot, a lizard, and a monkey. Astronaut exiting the capsule on the moon. Repeats of previous shots of male scientists using equipment. Male scientist using a large telescope. CU of a flower. A toucan. CU of a male scientist adjusting tubes containing bees.