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Shot of Paramount Pictures entrance, MGM - Metro Goldwyn Mayers building, Warner Brothers water tower, Twentieth Century Fox Building, Columbia Pictures studios, Universal Pictures entrance sign. Old bus pulling onto fake western set. WS of two men walking in downtown set. Shot of backstage, behind hollywood set. Old western sets, like Mexico or Southwest.Aerial scenic shot of Hollywood, then Hollywood and Vine intersection. NBC studios. CBS building. Chinese theater. Tourists looking at actors hands in cement. Woman places her hand in Joan Crawford’s print. Red Shelton’s prints, Betty Gable’s prints which includes her hands and her leg. Fresh prints being added by Adolph Zukor. Rosemary Clooney wipes the cement off his hands and smiles at him.Shot of two spotlights. WS of Pantages theater, showing marquee for the 25th Annual Academy Awards with large crowd gathered underneath. Its raining. Celebrety’s entering red carpet with press taking photos: Zsa Zsa Gabor, Elizabeth Taylor, Jeanne Crane, Greer Garson, Jerry Lewis, Maureen O’Hara. Awards Stage contains a giant fake cake with award statue on it and fake candles. Johnn Wayne accepting an award. WS of stage and orchestra pit, image of camera monitor. Mary Pickford presents an award to Cecil B. DeMille.