This clip contains footage of Walter Cronkite, Charles Collingwood, and footage of combat in Vietnam.Begins with Walter Cronkite in a direct address, behind him are 3 photos (one of Nixon) with the title ‘1972’. Cuts to MCU of Charles Collingwood who introduces footage from Vietnam. MS of South Vietnamese soldiers loading a cannon, a fence is in FG. WS of a sandy field, an South Vietnamese officer shouts commands, the soldiers move forward, many crawl on their arms. As the officer begins heading toward the camera he is shot and falls near a bunker and another soldier. Cuts to him laying on the ground and having his wound treated. LS of soldiers lined up. WS of the sandy hills, shots are fired and sand blurs the view. Various shots of the firing. A soldier walks to a bunker and fires inside. Cuts to a soldier lifting a dead man in a bunker. MS as soldiers throw grenades into remaining bunkers. The South Vietnamese soldiers sift through the bodies and belongings. MCU of a soldier firing into a bunker. PAN of 2 men on a motorbike driving through a far road. Soldiers are seen crouching and running. WS as a truck carrying refugees drives over a mine; it explodes and dark smoke rises into the air. Cuts to the dead on the road, a young boy and a woman, there is debris around them. PAN of the street, a woman cries by what is likely her son, a young boy is sitting up and crying, more bodies come into view. PANs to motorists driving past. Cuts back to the grieving mother who has her hands on her son’s back, young children lay dead in the street.