Footage of displaced people during the war. Begins with a woman in suspenders yelling at a man. Cuts to a boys hair being pulled and a boy on the ground being slapped. An Asian man in uniform stands blindfolded as someone rushes towards him. WS of people in a plaza throwing a chair to the ground. Children run past a curled up body, one boy hits him with a plank of wood. A man rolls onto his back in agony. A man is being ushered by the arms as the mob around him turns violent and takes swings at him. Soldiers holding rifles run through war torn streets. 2 men begin fighting and a general tries to pull them off each other. Men pull at a man who falls to the ground, rows of soldiers rush in behind them. 2 Asian men fight over a bag of rice. A young girl cries in the street. POV from a car driving as a woman holds a rifle outside of the car. A firing squad kills 3 people against a wall. WS of corpses on the ground WS of people walking through debris. Various shots of the destruction including aerial shots. White crosses stand where soldiers have been buried and soldiers perform the three rifle volley, other soldiers bow their heads. 2 men hammer a white cross into the ground. A woman lays flowers on a grave and weeps. A woman cries next to a body covered in a white sheet. 5 lit candles stand in the sand and a wave slowly creeps towards it. An Asian baby cries and hands gather around it. An elderly woman lays curled up next to a bowl with a plant. A mother stands crying with her 2 sons. An Asian woman breast feeds as she stands with her 3 other children and her mother. Various shots of mothers holding their children. A little white girl sits on a curb next to baskets as a fly crawls on her. An Asian girl sits on the dirt yelling and crying. A young boy runs his hand through his blonde hair. A woman stands at a bridge lost in thought. An elderly man with a cane sits in a wicker chair next to belongings tied up in sheets. An elderly couple sits in the shade of a tree. CU of an elderly woman, than a little girl with a bow in her hair. ECU of the elderly and children eating bread and soup. Ends with a young child standing in the snow.