Begins with a massive nuclear explosion over the ocean, a large mushroom cloud fills the sky. POV of a plane firing onto the ground and explosions of falling rockets. CU of a boy, likely dead. Various shots of dead bodies in fields; one on the street. A terrified man lifts his head from a hole in the ground, he holds a cloth in his hand and appeals to plead. A man in a rice patty lifts his arms in surrender. Various shots of Asian POWs walking with their hands on their heads; guards walk with them holding guns. Cuts to a bath house where POWs sit naked in a row and wash each others’ backs with soap. An Asian POW lowers his head as it is sprayed with a powder, likely to kill lice and pests. CU of a Prisoner of War tag: Date of Capture; PAN up to his face. 2 arms are handcuffed together, PAN up to the man’s face, he is black and appears to be crying. He has a number around his neck and other POWs around him have numbers too. A man paints POW on the back of a shirt. Another paints PG on a shirt with a stencil. A man stands with his rifle in FG while POWs walk behind fences in BG. A POW talks and nods his head at his captors. CU of a military man. A group of men stand with their hats off and their heads bowed. CU of a German POW. Other POWs smoke cigarettes together. Various shots of POWs squinting in the sun. A POW has tied a cloth around his hat and chin. 2 small girls look up at the camera, the smallest holds a cloth tied around clothing. A group of women sit in a truck with their children. Various shots of women and their children. An elderly woman cries in a truck and looks helpless. Another woman cries at a windowsill as people walk past. A truck drives past a horse drawn carriage. Various shots of people in horse drawn carriages.