This clip contains footage and stills of Churchill as a young boy, a soldier, and prime minister.Begins with Churchill speaking. Dissolves to an old photograph, presumably of Churchill and his mother, then a photo of his father, then Churchill as a young boy (wearing a similar hat to the one he wears as prime minister), and a photo of him among boys at a boarding school. Then a photograph of Churchill as a young soldier, a shot of him seated on a white horse. Cuts to footage from the Second Boer War in which Churchill participated; soldiers ride through desertscapes on horses. Cuts to photograph of Churchill with fellow POWs. A photograph of a young Churchill holding a cowboy hat. Zoom in on a photo of him in military uniform. MCU of Churchill on a horse. Cuts to footage of Churchill exiting a carriage, he pulls out money for the driver and continues walking; a man with a camera is seen taking a photo in BG. Cuts to Churchill walking towards the camera. Old footage of members of parliament, all white men. Cuts to Churchill walking up steps towards a naval ship, freeze-frame and zoom in on Churchill. Footage of military men standing, and men walking towards planes. Cuts to Churchill being held and carried by a cheering crowd, confetti is thrown. MS of a smoking Churchill holding a rifle, soldiers stand behind him watching; Churchill hands the rifle back to the lad. MS of Churchill walking up a tree fallen on the ground. Cuts to a historian discussing Churchill’s political past.