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Graph of spinal segment fades away. Graph of years of paralysis in Australia, Sweden and US comparison appears. Shows years later as graph goes down. Doctor talks of polio attacking children. Screen fades to black and fades back to doctor speaking at podium. Audience in the shot. He finishes his speech, picks up his book and walks from podium, camera pans to follow him back to seat as audience claps. Man at podium in front stands up and announces another mans name. Man in audience stands up and addresses president, begins story as shot cuts to man sitting at his desk, with a woman letting a young man in the door in the background. Woman gives man envelope and leaves. Young man sits down and points to neck and throat and head, complaining of symptoms. Doctor takes out thermometer and wags it. Close up front shot of him placing it in young man’s mouth. Medium shot of doctor looking at chart as young man sits with thermometer and waits. Cut to front shot of young man with thermometer who shakes his head.