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Shot of doctor with glasses standing at the foot of young man’s bed. Legs are in foreground. Doctor moves around to stand in front of feet. He tests reflexes and strength in feet muscles. Voice over says reflexes are not conclusive. Screen fades to black. Two doctors enter room. Mother comes up to one doctor, he talks to her. Other doctor with glasses waits in kitchen. Two doctors speak to each other, mother leaves room. Shot of doctors discussing as voice over speaks of symptoms. Cut back to doctor examining young man’s legs. Fades to black. Fades into scene of young boy in hospital bed sleeping. Nurse comes up and turns him to his back. Doctor on other side has him sit up. Boy looks to be in pain. Voice over talks about how this is a boy with meningitis and his symptoms. Doctor has boy follow his finger with eyes, helps him lie back down. Spine is rigid. Shot of boy lying in bed, coughing. Doctor speaks of these symptoms.