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Shot of inside mouth. Cut to shot of girl on hospital bed, nurse with face mask lifts her up, adjusts pillows and lies her back down. Pulls down blanket. Cut to shot of doctor standing on other side of child’s bed, asks her to sit up. Voice over comments on how when the child sits up with her knees up, she cannot kiss her knees. Cut to shot of her lying on bed, close up of doctors arms reaching to feel under her neck. Voice over comments on the stiffness in her neck. He lifts up head and puts it back. He has her lift it up herself, then tests strength by having her push against his hand with her face. She sits up in a long shot with doctor and nurse in scene. Voice over comments she can sit up by herself but must use her arms in the back for support because of a back spasm. Medium shot of her on bed, doctor’s torso in shot, having her head follow his finger. He has her unbend and bend her knees. He helps her lie back down. Then tests strength and flexibility in her legs. Close up of doctors hands on her feet testing resistance and strength in her feet and ankle muscles.