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Shot of young man sitting in chair with thermometer in his mouth. Cut to medium side shot of him sitting opposite doctor in office. Doctor’s voice speaks over scene. Doctor reaches over and takes over thermometer. Doctor’s voice says 99. Longer shot of doctor getting up and taking out flashlight. Voice says but what about his throat as doctor looks into young man’s mouth. Tongue not too clean. Doctor sits back down, takes out pen to write a note, turns and talks to young man. Cut back to man. Doctor hands him slip of paper. Long shot of young man heading towards door, doctor in foreground. Turns back to thank doctor as he closes door. Screen fades to black as door closes. Cut to close up of young man in bed. Cut to medium shot of doctor talking to mother by door. She holds a cup and plate. Zoom out to reveal doctor sitting on edge of bed shaking out thermometer, mother talking to son laying in bed. Mother leaves as doctor places thermometer back in mouth. Doctor’s voice over talks about young man’s symptoms. Both sit and wait. Shot from other side of doctor removing thermometer. Looks at thermometer shakes it puts it back as voice over says temperature 100.2. Young man rubs neck, motions to leg. Doctor gets up, moves to dresser and opens case. Closer shot of doctor removing one pillow from under man’s neck.