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Shot of super hero sitting at desk breathing heavily. picture of uncle sam in background, picture of lincoln in background. Pulls out gun from under desk, holds it to head. Looks up, reaches forward, knocks over divider. Closes eyes and grimaces. Sound of gunshots, nothing happens. Pulls out knife, stabs himself, sound of breaking glass nothing happens. Pulls out pills bottle, empties into mouth. Close up of his head back as he pours bottle into mouth. Sound of chewing and swallowing. Close-up as his face as he waits, burps. Shot of him at desk, gets up. Shot of him at window, jumps out. Cuts to shot of woman getting out of trailer. Cuts to him landing feet first on sidewalk, sidewalk crackles. He starts to cry, long shot of him crying on street. Woman comes up to him, tries to hold his hand as he cries into wall. They struggle as they pull back in forth. She falls to ground. Cuts to him looking at his hands, then flexing muscles and smiling. Cut to woman getting up and looking at him romantic music. Close up of his face as he blushes and smiles. She embraces him. Cut to shot of woman in wedding dress. Wedding march plays. Zooms out to reveal she is riding on back of superhero. Side shot of them flying through street.