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Man dressed in patriotic super hero outfit sits on curb. He is “captain mom.” Close up of him moving straw in coca cola up and down. Zoom out to reveal him on curb as he puts soda on ground. Cuts to side view of super hero with elbows on his knees grasping his head as a car is in the background, a man gets out with a suitcase and puts it on the curb. He is a hippie with wild hair. Car drives away and man walks onto curb. Front shot of man waving and holding out hand to hail a car. Picks up coca cola. Zoom in on man sipping coca cola, Zoom out to show him sit on super hero. Close up of super hero lifting his head and smelling the air, looking angry and pulling out a can of deodorizer. Long shot of him spraying, man getting up, him spraying man, man grabs suitcase and stumbles away. Man walks into street with sign saying “north” Shot of car with peace signs stopping, man gets in back of it, throws a flower out to super hero, super hero smells it. Shot of him on curb holding thumb out to hail down car. Shot from car stopping. Close up of woman in convertible and man staring at super hero’s crotch. He looks offended and covers up with his cape.