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Shot of superhero walking down street, hands behind back. Man in suit and hat in back left. Superhero kicks ground. Cut to shot of man and woman standing in front of window advertising “comput-a-date.” Superhero walks up in front of them and takes a flyer as they begin making out. Close up of couple making out. Cut to superhero back as he walks away. Turns, opens mouth. Shot of couple lying on ground kissing as papers are all around them. Cut to shot of superhero’s hand holding flowers from comput-a-date. Shot of his head in shot as he flies through air. Shot of whole body flying through street. Shot of him knocking on door. Zoom out to reveal him chasing a mobile home, knocking on door. Woman opens door, takes flowers. Long shot of him getting in car while moving. Cuts to shot of record spinning, playing music. Cuts to close up shot of his face, then hers, woman moaning. Shot of hands grasping, cuts out to reveal them sitting at a table arm wrestling. Shot of his face. Super hero starts to win, shot of feet under table, woman rubbing his, he struggles, she wins arm wrestle, cuts to his bewildered face.