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This clip contains footage of magicians in India.LS of a plaza. A man in a turban sits cross-legged on a mat and shakes out an empty bag, hitting it against his hand. He then reaches inside and pulls out an egg which he throws in the air and it is transformed into a coin. He places the coin on his hands and the coin moves independently upward. CU of a toy bird made of yarn, the man places it on his mat. He then shows an empty woven basket. He tosses the toy bird into the air and pounds it with his fists. After covering the bird with the basket he shakes out a piece of cloth. He then covers the basket with the cloth. He then reaches into the cloth and removes it. He lifts the basket cover revealing a pack of sparrows. He calls them to him and gather under the basket. Cuts to a man holding the leg of a table. A goat climbs onto it and balances. The man continually places more table legs and the goat continues to balance.