Unus the Great magic performance. Unus the Great comes onstage with a spotlight on him. A man exits stage left. Unus the Great removes his hat and does a slight bow to the audience before putting his hat back on and adjusting his magician’s cape. Unus steps on a chair and then a table holding a circular orb or small lamp. He removes his cape and hands it to his lovely assistant. She takes it from him and walks offstage. He takes his cane, and looking at his gloved hand makers a 1 to the audience. He then takes his cane and one finger and balances on the circular orb with one finger. He hands his cane and top hat to his assistant. With one finger he he spins around on the rob. He claps his feet together before balancing back on the table. He stands whit his hands out. He smiles and nods at the audience. he begins removing his glove one finger at a time. He bends his index finger to the audience. he then removes his other glove and tosses them. He smiles occasionally to the audience. Unus then walks over to a lamppost to climb it.