Unus the Great magic performance. Begins with WS of Unus the Great climbing a lamppost with a circular bulb. When he reaches the top he takes out a handkerchief and wipes the bulb before putting it into his coat pocket. From the stage his assistant hands him a hoop which he shows to the audience. He stands on top of the bulb and balances. Cuts to MS of his bust, offscreen his assistant hands him a wooden chair. Unus then places his hoop on the bulb and his chair around it. He tweaks it a few times then, smiling at the camera, he lifts himself by his arms and takes a sitting position before pulling himself into a handstand. MS of the hoop and chair balancing around the bulb as Unus holds on. Unus then removes the chair and drops it to the floor. Balancing now with one hand holding the hoop. He jumps back to his feet. He wipes the bulb with his handkerchief again then wipes his hands. Cuts to his assistant passing him a cane, she then tosses one of the hoops in her hand, preparing to throw it to Unus.