In this clip, men remove goods from small trading vessels by walking down from a beach in Colombia, then some molten material is sparked up and spread through a series of channels. At the end, some girls lounge by a watering hole in bathing suits.Clip opens on a beach in Colombia. Some carts, boats, and people are on shore as the tide is low. Men remove goods from one of the ships by carrying large bundles on their heads and shoulders. Shots of the town and a large building there. Cut to a lovely courtyard with hanging white blossoms from a tree and a fountain in the center. Next come shots of a mountainside, then a large truck winding on a road. Shot of sparks flying in the darkness, then cut back to outside a factory with smoking chimneys at its top as people walk inside. Men seem to be digging into something in the darkness as it begins to glow. A casting stream pours out, molten material sparking and filling up the crevices of a mold. Cut back to a beach area, with girls in swimsuits waiting at its side. Shot of a garden area with flowers in the foreground at Puente de Boyaca.