This is a home movie of El Mirador Hotel in Palm Springs and swimming pool.Begins with exterior of “El Mirador Hotel”, cars are parked in front by palm trees. Exterior of a church with a palm tree, cars drive by in FG. Shots of palm trees and bushes with mountains in BG. Slow PAN of a house, there are palm trees in the front yard and a fence. Slow PAN of another house with palm trees in the front, there is a white brick fence. Pink flowers bloom on the ground in front of the fence, and yellow flowers grow above it. Another PAN of the fence and trees. CU of white flowers. A woman walks through the lawn, pink flowers grow on the ground and there are many palm trees. Shot of a brick walkway, there is a manicured lawn and palm trees with mountains in the BG. Cuts to a woman in a swimsuit and a white swim cap floating in the center of a pool. A man has joined her and the pair swim in the pool. Cuts to a large crowd of people around the pool.