Begins with a PAN of the pool at El Mirador Hotel in Palm Springs. It is very crowded, some people are swimming, others sit at tables under yellow umbrellas, and women in straw hats carry trays of food. Cuts to 2 women in hats and swimsuits, they smile at the camera as they sit at a table. MS of a table with adults, the pool is visible in BG. Cuts to a woman in a red, black, and white striped suit walks past smiling, she twirls for the camera. A woman in a patterned top with matching hat and sweater turns towards the camera smiling, another shot of her twirling after waiting for men to pass, a braid hangs off her hat. Cuts to a woman in a red dress with a straw hat, she talks, smiles and twirls. A woman in a white sweater smiles and walks past, as does a brunette woman in a black dress with white flowers and a straw hat. A blond woman in a striped dress adjusts her shoulder straps and a woman with a yellow purse walks by. Cuts to a parade, men n horses carry flags in the street, people are stand along the street to watch. MS of 3 men on horses. A long row of girls in matching light blue dresses march in sync and do a small dance, there is a crowd on either side of the road. Another set of girls in the same dress march and kick (possibly color guard). Cuts to a woman in a fringe cowgirl outfit on a horse, she smiles and waves at the crowd. A yellow horse drawn carriage comes down the road, people sit on the top wearing cowboy hats and waving at the crowd. Cuts to a purple float with women in bathing suits, one of them smiles and waves. Ends with 2 men on horses.