Silent film of 10 ladies running into ocean water holding flotation devices and wearing bathing suits. A man knocks a woman off a dock into the water with his flotation device. She appears to be drowning. A man runs and dives in to save her. Another man watches as he smokes and holds a lifesaver. A reverse scene makes it appear as if the woman is thrown back on dock by man and he jumps up onto it after. People swim with flotation toys. One man struggles comedically ashore as waves knock him down. 4 men in suits and hands place canvas laundry bags of possibly money into the back of a horse drawn cart that reads “Sum Hop Laundry.” They quickly flee in carriage down the road and one bag falls out the back. A 2 person buggy comes down the road behind them and picks up the fabric note that reads “Help.” They continue down the road. The passenger in the buggy looks like an admiral or captain and is using a telescope. Other cars and automobiles are on the road. Police truck or large car goes in circles.