This clip is a home movie featuring a pool side fashion show at the El Mirador Hotel in Palm Springs and exterior shots of the hotel. Begins with people seated outside by a pool. A woman in heels and a white swimsuit holds a large straw hat on her head and walks past the tables. Cut to a woman in a jumper, heels, and an orange hat and bag walking off a runway. A woman wipes her forehead and smiles as she walks in front of the camera. Cuts back to the runway where a woman in a white and black dress with a straw hat walks down and twirls occasionally. An elderly woman with white hair wears a dress and carries a basket purse down the runway. Cuts to the woman with the jumper and orange hat walking past the tables by the pool. Back on the runway a woman in a black and white patterned dress twirls and walks while carrying a purse shaped like a fish. A Marilyn Monroe look-alike blonde woman in a black dress walks the runway. A woman in a blue dress walks on the runway, she carries a large hat in her hand and takes off her sweater as she twirls. MS of her walking toward the camera. MS of the blonde woman in the black dress posing and smiling. Cuts to a woman with a straw hat in a cowboy outfit standing in front of a sign labeled: Health Club. She holds a bucket and a gun and smiles at the camera, she then approaches a man who appears to be taking money out of his wallet. Cuts to exterior of the hotel, a man walks on a path in the distance and an elderly man with a cane walks in front of the camera. Another PAN of the exterior, a man walks up steps and approaches 3 women. Cuts to a couple walking along a white fence, they look at the camera. Ends with exterior shot of the lookout tower at El Mirador, pink flowers in FG.