In this home movie, two little girls on a trail ride through the Canadian Rockies. The girls are shown petting a horse, picnicking, and fishing. Also includes great footage of a horse being loaded with supplies.A long line of horses ride through a meadow. A little girl pets her horse, which is tied up to a hitching post. One of the little girls walks in front of the cabin, then there are CU shots of her whistling and smiling. The two girls show off a bundle of fish tied on string. A man packs up, then the younger of the two girls is shown eating in the grass. A car is loaded up, then cut back to the little girl picnicking. A man loads up a horse with supplies, then he loads up another horse. Shot of a wood cabin with a large stack of small logs in front and pairs of antlers on the roof. In the final shot, the young girls fish with makeshift wood rods.

Not Explicit