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This clip contains comics in sexual scenarios. Begins with comic strip style of a naked blonde woman named Fanny, looking for the mysterious Phallum. The next box is CU of her face saying ‘Oooh!’ as the caption above reads: He made it hard for her. Cuts to a cartoon onomatopoeia of ZAP! Cuts to a new box with Franny’s face, the caption reads: But she was able to take it all in! Cartoon onomatopoeia of WOW. Cut sot Fanny walking into a room of mostly naked girls asking where to find the Phallum. Cartoon onomatopoeia Pow! Cuts to comic strip of Fanny asking Trick Dacy to help her, he gets an erection and the 2 have sex. CU of an ejaculation. CU of Fanny smiling, and then various stars. Cuts to a woman watching a TV, a title reads: Man Eating Pussy. An Inuit appears on screen ice fishing, he pulls out a tiger who eats him. CU of Franny’s face looking surprised. Cuts to comic strip parody of Donald Duck sleeping with Minnie Mouse, the comic is titled ‘Darn Ol’ Duck’ by Walt Dizzy, Daffy turns and runs, CU of Mickey Mouse looking angry. Cuts to a comic titled ‘Muff and Jiff’, a man with an magnifying glass is looking at a naked woman from behind. Cuts to Dagwood parody comic, Franny enters and sees Dogwood, the 2 have sex, CU of Fanny’s face, he falls to the ground and she leaves the strip.

Not Explicit