This clip contains erotic comic strip parodies including Merlin.Begins with CU of a man saying do your thing Merlin. Various shots of Merlin’s hands moving, Fanny’s face, and another man smiling. Cuts to a much larger Fanny standing by the prince. Cartoon onomatopoeia ZAM. Fanny turns into a sliced tomato. Merlin’s hands move, cartoon onomatopoeia Arghh! Cuts to Fanny who is very red. Cuts to the prince smiling. Various crosscuts of Fanny’s naked body and the aroused prince. Cartoon onomatopoeia WOW and ZAP. Cuts to Fanny on a block, her arms are tied and the prince rubs her before running off. Cuts to Fanny calling for help. The prince runs to an archery device, with a bow and an arrow with a penis on the end. The prince shoots the arrow. Various quick shots of Fanny tied up, the penis arrow, and a target. The arrow hits the block and a sigh word bubble appears. Cuts to the prince with an erection. Cuts to Charlie Brown wearing a mask and a hat with a ‘P’ on. Cuts to Fanny shrieking and calling him the Phallum. CU of her looking surprised and saying, “Charly Burrrnd! You’re the Phallum?’ He says that’s right Annie. Cuts to the other comic strip men looking sad. Cuts to Superman pointing with his thumb.