This clip contains an erotic cartoon parody of Snow White.Begins with 7 dwarves walking through a forest, they stop at a house. A woman’s silhouette walks by the window. The dwarves look through the window and see Snow White bathing, CU as she cleans between her legs. Cuts to one of the dwarves getting an erection. Cuts to another dwarf masturbating into another dwarf’s shoe. She calls all of the dwarves into her house. The house begins to rise and swell. Cuts to group sex between Snow White and all of the dwarves. Cuts to Snow White laying on her stomach on a bed, a plank comes up and an erect dwarf rides up the plank to penetrate Snow White, other dwarves crowd on the plank. Cuts to a dwarf pouring a bucket of liquid onto another dwarf’s erection. Cuts to the dark castle of the evil queen, it sits at the end of a path, the moon shines behind it and a bird flies in front of it. Cuts to a woman sitting at a vanity, she takes a lit candle and places it inside herself, she then exhales fire. CU of her looking at herself in the mirror, her reflection changes to Snow White sleeping a dwarf. Cuts to the evil queen creating a concoction, CU of her pulling out a jar with a pickle. Cuts to her handing a pickle to Snow White. Cuts to the erect dwarves looking surprised, Snow White lies dead on the bed, cuts back to the dwarves losing their erections. The evil queen looks out from behind a tree and laughs. The dwarves all stand around Snow White crying. Cuts to a prince on a horse through the forest. His horse then pops his head into Snow White’s window and sees her laying on the bed. Cuts to the prince playing with himself and then sleeping with Snow White. The evil queen looks through the mirror as Snow White comes back to life. The queen drinks out of a red bottle and begins to spin, the devil appears (it is really dark so it is difficult to tell) and puts his penis in the spinning circle, it goes through the queen’s legs and out her mouth, they then burst to flames and are gone. Cuts to Snow White riding the prince naked as they both ride the horse. Ends with the dwarves masturbating and one slipping on semen.