Short on Fairyland, “Fairyland U.S.A!” Shot of two boys in nice slacks and blazers stand in front of “Childrens Fairyland” [sic] sign. At Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA. Children around age four-six run happily down paths that have greenery, trees and bushes, on either side. Shot of boy in front of whimsically lopsided house. Shots of children visiting pigs in pen under “Three Little Pigs” sign. MS children ride on a mini Ferris wheel. Shot of children running by and inside Pinocchio’s Willy the Whale Whale, looking at the fish in a tank inside him. CU and MS of kids, mostly girls 3-8, watching Three Men In A Tub, The Merry Miller, and Peter Rabbit. CU the rabbit playing Peter.

Not Explicit