This newsreel contains footage of terrorist kidnappings and killings in South America and Quebec, and a visit to East Pakistan by Pope Paul VI. Begins with pan of a crowd on the sidewalk. The new Argentinean President General Roberto Levingston. Pan of his cabinet members. Spanish newspaper headlines about the kidnappings of Japanese Consul General and West German ambassador in Brazil in exchange for the release of political prisoners, cuts to shot of ambassador. Troops in line. Men holding a casket in a funeral procession for a West German ambassador in Guatemala who had been kidnapped. Various shots of the casket and funeral attendants. A hearse driving. Men carrying a stretcher with a covered body into a van. Cuts to troops in Quebec dealing with kidnappings, various exterior shots of Quebec. A tow truck, and the towed car’s trunk where a man was killed. Cuts to James Cross walking down an airplane staircase with a woman.Pope Paul VI walking down an airplane staircase, paparazzi wait at the bottom, cuts to Pope walking with a crowd. Pope walking down another airplane staircase.