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This is a newsreel detailing violence and a political election in Japan then Korea; VO throughout. It begins with various shots of Japanese military forces fighting with citizens. Cuts to MS of then press secretary James Hagerty walking down a flight of stairs from an airplane. Cuts to CU of a Japanese man with a sign saying: ‘Go to Hell’, military forces in FG. MS of large group of Japanese citizens holding signs and flags. MS as citizens attempt to flip a car. WS of a marine helicopter amongst the crowd. WS of the helicopter leaving. WS of citizens being sprayed with a fire hose. CU of Japanese man speaking into a microphone. Cuts to MS of 2 people placing placards with a man’s face on the top and Japanese writing underneath it against a wall. CU of an old man. CU of a woman with her son on her back. WS of a building. CU of Socialist party leader Asanuma speaking into a microphone. MS of a man running onstage and stabbing Asanuma, people run forward to help. MS of the man and Asanuma falling to the ground, others around them attempt to help. MS of people in a room to vote. MS of a woman in a kimono placing her ballot into a box. CU of a Japanese socialist Ikeda. WS of people waving Korean flags and cheering. MCU of people in the crowd, military man in FG. MCU of people waving. MS of Korean citizens pushing a police officer.